Dreaming of a Coffee Shop

A frozen-river stroll after lovely coffee shop chats!

A frozen-river stroll in downtown Estes Park after lovely coffee shop chats!

I’m amazed by the good friends I have in my life. I love being a good listener and being there for others, but lately I too have stumbled into sweet relationships where my words are being pulled out of me into receiving and listening ears. Many have heard updated versions on my general shpeal of the job search progress that I’ve been going through these past couple months. But certain others have gone out of their way to entertain conversations in hopes of halting my job search and uniting me with a job I would thrive in. As these discussions of listening to my experiences, skills, distant dreams and potential possibilities were cultivating, at one point a friend made it clear I mentioned the words “coffee shop” “fifty billion times” in one conversation with her. Whether I knew it or not, my thoughts were more and more hoping to convince myself this could be a possibility.

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