Our Coffee Shop Story is a personal blog that invites you into the adventures of three aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to own a coffee shop. Ernest, Pop, and myself (Julia), are three college-age immigrants with no experience in the coffee industry, but have a passion to open up a community-oriented shop where we live in Denver, Colorado.

As I document our journey from square one (you’ve got to start somewhere!), and give insight into the process of starting a coffee shop with no previous experience or knowledge, I’m not sure where each step will lead. But I hope to accomplish a few things through Our Coffee Shop Story:

1. To unravel a story for our future coffee shop and it’s community, and to invite our current community into the journey behind it– that they may take these steps with us, be part of our vision, and hold us accountable to it.

2. To inspire, encourage, and equip other dreamers or aspiring entrepreneurs interested in pursuing their own coffee business or the coffee industry through the resources and lessons we’re gaining along the way.

3. To cultivate living an inspired life that dares to step out in faith over fear, and not to settle for complacency.

Feel free to leave feedback, ideas, and resources throughout the site, as we can all learn from each other. Let the adventures continue!