The Business of People

Nothing like coffee + friends + a great atmosphere! Crashin’ at Stella’s on a snowy night.

As we were driving home from Estes, we were bursting forth with ideas that would make our shop unique and fulfill the needs we have. One of the biggest things that stood out was that all of our ideas revolved around people. While we do love coffee (and tea for me!), that craft in our lives still needs to be developed. But our first and foremost priority is the people we will be surrounding ourselves with daily. We like to say that we’re not just in the business of coffee, but the business of PEOPLE! These past months during my job search, a friend of mine recommended a career hunting book called  “What Color is Your Parachute,” by Richard N. Bolles. It hit on the point we all learn in business school that finding a career path that combines what you like to do + what you’re good at + what can support you financially = success. After constantly contemplating what I REALLY like to do and observing the patterns of what I do during the week that gives me the most gratitude, it’s building relationships with people! I have hobbies and interests, but I always have it in the back of my mind that I want to look back at the end of my life and know I impacted people’s personal lives through the relationships we built together.

what you like to do + what you’re good at + what can support you financially = success

So I could either pursue a career path of counseling-related fields, so we could continue doing what we love and already do on a larger scale. I love building relationships with people one-on-one, but if you know Ernest and I you know we love opening up our home or getting people together in a big group as well (often at coffee shops, actually)! There’s a time for both, and even though we know we can’t talk to everyone or even click with everyone as much in a group setting, we find joy being part of an environment where people are connecting with one another, laughing, breaking the ice- all part of the catalyst to fuel deeper relationships into the future.

So inspired by countless special people in our lives and being able to live life with each other! At Stella’s Coffee House.

In fact, the week before we became serious about pursuing the coffee shop idea, we were looking for a house to move into. Why? Not to necessarily settle in to build a family together (there will be a time for that though!) or to get a step closer to the American Dream of a big house, car etc… but honestly and sincerely to have a place to host people. That’s just where we’re at in our lives right now! Although being a party-thrower would totally be a job I’d sign up for, it’s not really something that would be able to support us now or in the long-run, but isn’t a coffee shop a greater extension of that idea? Yes, much greater I know, and more complicated, and it IS a lot more work in reality than the cute local shop it’s romanticized to be. But that’s our dream—to have a place, whether it’s a home or a coffee shop—to have as an open invite for everyone. A place people can come to escape the stresses of home or the office. A place they can get work done, treat themselves, spend some alone time reading their favorite book. A place where people can socialize, meet one another to create lasting relationships, to be heard. Above all a place where people can feel welcomed, comfortable, accepted, and at home. We can’t wait to not just serve coffee, but to serve people.

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