Our Coffee Shop Story: Intro

Blogging with Emery, the cat, on a snowy day

Our little mister, Emery, watching the snowflakes whirl.

A chilly, swirly, frosty Colorado morning is the perfect time to write. I’ve had so many thoughts in my head for the past few days, and because I haven’t written in a while, it takes a lot more effort to get them out. My mind is even more ahead of itself lately as it’s jumping from planning, researching, writing—all the work that awaits me. But I have to remind myself that taking a step back and documenting this process is a key piece of it!

That's me--drinking a cuppa joe. Who am I? Click to visit about me!

That’s me–drinking a cuppa joe. Who am I? Click to visit about me!

So, the process… the process of starting a coffee shop. Something that seems cliché, that everyone wants to do, that three, twenty-four year old immigrants are determined to accomplish. Ernest and I have had it in the back of our minds to start one for a while, but it’s always been a distant dream. We’re inspired and are driven by several reasons, which I’ll dive into in later posts, but one of the bigger ones is to have a community-oriented place where people can come, socialize, and build potential life-changing relationships. Our friend Pop runs a business with his family (Star Thai in Lakewood and J’s Noodles Star Thai in Denver), and he’s asked us multiple times to venture out with him and start a coffee/boba/tea place… so it’s been on our minds for numerous reasons, but has been tucked away… somewhat due to the common reasoning of our culture. Reasoning that may say we’re too young. That after all these years in school, I should find a “normal” job like everyone else. That it’s too risky, and we don’t have enough money, experience, fill in the blank here!

Well, maybe it’s just me, Ernest doesn’t believe in the norm’s road to success. Being more entrepreneurial in nature, he started a small business a few years ago called MacforCash.  So it was mostly me stuck with questions of what to do with my years and money invested in my BS in Business Management… and after months of job searching and not getting where I wanted to be and not wanting to settle for where I didn’t want to be, it took a couple conversations with some good friends and a lot of praying and reflecting to realize this dream may not be so unrealistic after all.

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