Dreaming of a Coffee Shop

A frozen-river stroll after lovely coffee shop chats!

A frozen-river stroll in downtown Estes Park after lovely coffee shop chats!

I’m amazed by the good friends I have in my life. I love being a good listener and being there for others, but lately I too have stumbled into sweet relationships where my words are being pulled out of me into receiving and listening ears. Many have heard updated versions on my general shpeal of the job search progress that I’ve been going through these past couple months. But certain others have gone out of their way to entertain conversations in hopes of halting my job search and uniting me with a job I would thrive in. As these discussions of listening to my experiences, skills, distant dreams and potential possibilities were cultivating, at one point a friend made it clear I mentioned the words “coffee shop” “fifty billion times” in one conversation with her. Whether I knew it or not, my thoughts were more and more hoping to convince myself this could be a possibility.

And then it takes a good friend to tip those scales and inspire you to take those cooped up thoughts and turn them into steps of action.

I like my drinks fancy and flavorful, and went for the Smores Latte! I also LOVE smores.

Me and Ernest LOVE to travel. And our friends Meghan and Ryan LOVE to travel, and have been numerous places I’m constantly drooling to go as well. So on our little weekend get-away in Estes Park, you can guess what we were talking about! Spending a few hours at Kind Coffee, as we reminisced on our past adventures abroad and the awaited places we were dying to go, we began to share more and more of our near and distant dreams. Forming a snowball of our hopes and desires, we whirled ideas back and forth of not just buying plane tickets but owning coffee shops, book stores, teaching, having families, and all the details within. We spent hours adding onto possibilities of our individual but potentially combinable future businesses and I felt something I hadn’t for a long time: inspiration and passion.

It’s not that I haven’t felt it before, but I’d always suppress such arising feelings with fear and doubt, disguised as “reason” and “being realistic.” But I no longer want to do that anymore. How sad to fuel the possibility of such liberating, so-close-yet-so far-dreams, and have the thoughts remain as echoes in your mind as life passes you by? How sad to time after time entertain these thoughts and conversations without acting upon them? While there is a time for everything, and waiting has it’s purpose, we often excuse the reality that we really CAN pursue these dreams given to us, and we don’t have to settle for the norm of going to school and getting a job until you die, that’s all too expected in our society.

Good friends encourage one another’s dreams and push each other not to settle for who we are now, but to constantly improve and live for something greater. That’s one of the things I want to accomplish by blogging the process of starting our coffee shop. To inspire others to take steps of action. To turn fear into faith and live a life that will be worth it when we look back on our numbered days.


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